Web Design FAQ

How long will a project take?

It depends on the project scope, but nearly all of our projects are completed within 4-8 weeks. As long we receive quick responses from you on questions, approvals and needed files and info, we’ll be able to deliver your site exactly as scheduled in our agreement.

What if I don’t like what you design?

I’m confident you will. I don’t believe in the “big reveal” method.  It’s your business, and I believe you should absolutely play a role in the design process. We go through a multi-stage process in which there are many design choices you can participate in, like choosing colors, fonts, imagery, page layout etc.

We will have plenty of time to make changes before we commit it to going into the coding stage. Everything is done with your feedback and your approvals.  If you don’t like what I present, I revise until you love it, simple as that.

What if I feel like it doesn’t work for my specific problems?

In that case just shoot us an email, and we’ll answer you back with some different solutions. We’re here to get you results, so the sooner we change direction the better. No need to worry, we will get you taken care of!

Can I break it up into payments?

Yes, we normally operate on a 3 payment schedule. First payment is due at the beginning of the project to start work. Payment 2 will be due about halfway through the project, and the final payment will be due when the project is complete.

“I’m not sure about investing this much money right now (…this is pretty expensive)”

Well that’s not technically a question, but here are all the reasons why it’s actually a fantastic deal:

1. This is not an expense but an investment. We don’t build websites to look pretty–the purpose is to generate new revenue for your business. Imagine for a second what a 5% increase in your revenues would be worth for you over this year… What about 10% or 20%? And that’s just this year, remember your website is built to last for many years to come.

2.  It ends up more expensive to waste your resources on unreliable outsourcers or cut-rate agencies, who churn out a crappy project and disappear. Don’t get stuck with an unfinished project that doesn’t work. We take time to be thorough and do the job right the first time, and we don’t leave you hanging when it’s done. In fact we highly encourage you to take advantage of our website care and assistance plans to continually improve your web presence.

3. The longer you go without making a change, the more you lose momentum and miss out on the growth you could have had by taking action. The digital marketing arena has a saying, “Money loves speed.” Quick action puts you in a position to grow exponentially. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get you started!

Any other questions? Please feel free to ask me!

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